How to Edit APK File of an App Using APK Editor Pro on Android


You may have questions like how we can edit APK file of an Android app, and here we come up with the perfect solution. APK Editor Pro is an excellent Android APK file editor tool which you can install on your device for free (from here only).

You can download APK Editor Pro APK file from this page and install it for free. Below I have explained how to use the app and get most from it.

How to edit APK file of Apps on Android

Keep in mind that by editing the APK file of on Android you may change it’s style or remove features or add. But it is not recommended to publish them for publicly; you’ll face copyright issue.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only.

Before following the tutorial, make sure that you have downloaded from our site and installed it properly. Also, you may need root access sometimes to use the app exactly the way you want. Using APK Editor Pro on a rooted device will deliver most of it.

Getting Started with APK Editor Pro

APK Editor Pro has a simple and easily understandable layout which helps you with figuring out the features of the app. With APK Editor Pro you can change the value of any Android apps or games resource amount, simply we call it hacking.

We can’t totally name the changing resource value of an Android game as hacking. Except modifying the value of Apps or games, you can also change the design or remove/ add features on any App.

Editing the APK file of an Android app is like that you have the original file of the app and now you can modify it just the way you want.

Understanding the features of APK Editor Pro

After installing the app, when you open it the first thing you are going to notice is the four options.

  • Select an Apk file
  • Select Apk from App
  • Help
  • Exit

To go with the first option, you’ll need to have extracted the APK file of the app you want to edit and if you don’t have the files extracted it is recommended to go with the option two. Also, there is a built-in help/ guide available on the app, do check it if you need any help or continue reading this article.

Change/ Modify App Name with APK Editor Pro

APK Editor Pro change app name

Remove Ad from an App using APK Editor Pro

APK Editor Pro

Make an App can move to SD card

APK Editor Pro

Remove unwanted permissions

APK Editor Pro

That’s how you can use APK Editor Pro to edit APK file of an app on Android as your need.

If you need more help with using APK Editor Pro on Android, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try helping you with that. If you want to download APK Editor Pro for PC, download it from here and know how to use it.



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