APK Creator – Android App Maker Software Online

With Apk Creator you can effortlessly create customized Android applications from online content instantly and without coding skills. Simply by using your tablet, phone or desktop. This is the best solution for everyone and that too at the right price. You do not need to pay any monthly fees as it comes with one time payable fixed cost.

What is Apk Creator?

It is another interesting software based on the core functionality of Android Creator that allows you to develop your native application for free and without the need of programming skills for Android phones and tablets. Whether you are interested in developing the blog app or just for fun you would like to try this software – you can easily access apk creator online based on your requirements.

The application displays information about your offices, company, and products, etc. Just need to enter the information into the wizard and follow the instructions.

Also, you need to the tool in your system, and as an administrator, all changes you made will be immediately reflected on the dashboard or project in which you will be working.

Once the app is developed using the Apk Creator, you can post on your blog, website or list it on Google Play.

It allows you to send notifications directly to the mobile devices of the users. Even you can deliver news and promotions to your users or clients instantly.

Apk Creator

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Why should you invest in Apk Creator?

– Pure native android source code app

– Built-in comfortable Android app developer

– Priority server that offers faster delivery

– Let you view all the recently created applications

– Five different languages support it

– Permission manager and options menu manager are integrated into the tool

– It provides customized splash screen effect

– You can quickly monetize your app with the help of AdMob system

– Send push notifications to user

How to use it?

Register – First Step

Initially, you need to register yourself to the official site of apk creator online to be able to use it. To do so, launch the application, and it will display the welcome register screen, where you are requested to provide two details.

– Your primary email address with which you want to register. Note: Here, the user is allowed to mention only one email address.

– Second enter your Google Play order number confirmation. This will be sent to you in registered email address once you bought the app.

As soon as all the information mentioned above is received and processed successfully, ApkCreator will add you to the database.

How does Apk Creator work?

For the tool to work efficiently, you need to have a mobile friendly website. If your site is not adapted for tab or mobile screen sizes, it will work but won’t look good – this means users will drop off. The tool lets you set the parameters required for your app in the given fields. Then the ApkCreator will generate the apk file. Note: the process might take 1 to 5 minutes in creating the apk file.

Features of Apk Creator Explained

1. Active Managers

Be in better control with this tool by using the integrated managers including, Package name, Uses-permissions and options menu tab,

2. Easy App Creator

Most Natural built-in android app creator – It is one of a kind feature. Just providing some necessary information, you can effortlessly create the app from PDF, blog or website.

3. 5+ Languages supported

The ApkCreator supports following languages:

– German

– English

– French

– Italian

– Spanish

4. Monetize your apps

Just add the Admob system and monetize your app. The tool comes with integrated Admob system that provides you custom banner ID and sees your adverts coming.

5. Help & Support

The support department of the Apk Creator is 5 stars rated. They are available 24/7 and 365 days. You can contact their customer support for any doubt or queries. They also provide support for custom developer service if you are interested in more than essential features.

6. Useful Features

The tool also comes with unique and helpful features including, push notifications that let you stay in touch with your customers. If you want more custom style, then there is a feature called splash screen effect.

The cost of ApkCreator

Currently, ApkCreator is available on Google Play store from where you can buy. It can also be purchased from its official website and Fiverr including the desktop version and for all android devices. The regular price of the ApkCreator is CAD 4.99.

Note: The given price is subject to change without any prior notice.

The tool does not include any hidden or extra charges. The user needs to pay the necessary fee for the software. However, if you have custom developer needs, then there will be some additional costs.

You can also purchase full source code at $9.99.

How to set up Push Notification?

Parse SDK is automatically added as soon as you set up the Push notification. Subsequently, you need to provide your Client Key and App ID. You can access this information at https://parse.com/apps/ – once you register for the app, you will find all the required information.

When your push notification is set up, visit the Parse Dashboard to push new notifications or messages to your app users. You can even see the analytics result.

How to set up AdMob?

As soon as you set up the “AdMob Enabled” SDK will automatically add, then you are required to add your Ad ID. You can access this information at https://apps.admob.com/. You will get the AD ID once your ad is created.


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